The season of epiphany

As the previous year has drawn to a close and we begin to reflect on the New Year dawning before us we often times challenge ourselves to push beyond the familiar and embrace the “what if’s” of the future. In a similar way the church spiritual calendar moves from the holiness and recognition of “God among us” to the possibilities of what that reality could mean.

The “Church” has called this time of transition “Epiphany”. The word means something like to reveal or to show. During this time, God is brought into a clearer focus and understanding through the flesh and blood existence of his son, Jesus, on earth. In other words that which could not even be looked upon in the day of “Moses” is now (moving and being) in their/our midst, so much so that the Apostle John exclaims, “Not only have we heard Him, or seen Him, but we have touched the very face of God”.

During the Season of Epiphany, we follow the Prophet’s of old (Wise Men) as they follow the star to Bethlehem to find the Baby Jesus. We also follow the disciples as they learn to embrace the “what if’s” of the new day that has dawned among them.


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