Proverbs 23:18

“There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.”

As we close the realities of another year and look towards the mysteries of a new one it can often be a challenge not to get caught up in what has been…versus what will be. The world in which we live demands much of us and the days of simple pleasures seem to be elusive.

Finding and experiencing purpose and meaning in our lives sounds like the title of another book destined for pop culture rather than the most basic need of humanity. We search under every potentiality to return to a place of wholeness. We howl at the moon only to hear the echo of our misery.

This individual observation can be juxtaposed onto church life as well. The church as a living and breathing expression of Christ in the world can often be preoccupied with where it has been to the detriment of where Christ might be leading it. We must ever be diligent that we protect the “Mission” from this status. Therefore we too must adhere to the words of the ancient proverb especially when they point us to new directions and paths.

It is a journey that begins and ends in looking for and towards something bigger than ourselves. It is a path with a promise! It is a direction to the wondrous “I Am”.

Hope always brings us back to a state of awareness that shakes loose the bonds of insecurity and obscurity. Hope ushers in significance in the smallest things and keeps us looking ahead where eventually meaning returns and a new day dawns!

May the eternal blessings of the One who spins the universe find you and yours in the coming year!

In His Shadow

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