The season of Lent

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty
hand, that he may lift you up in due time”

1st Peter 5:6

The Way of the Cross

During the first hundred years or so after our Lord’s death and resurrection punctuated so completely by the Cross of Calvary, the people who followed Him became know as “People of the Way.” This designation was made because of how they lived out their faith. This designation cannot be undervalued, because for many of them to be identified with Christ meant persecution and ultimately death. Yet as a great apologist of the Christian faith would later attest, their passion for following their Lord could not be deterred.

As a community of faith in the 21st century far removed from the dusty barren hills of Palestine and Jerusalem of that time, we along with Christians all around the world seek to recapture the passion of those events to help inform our faith for today. We do this by turning our spiritual attention to the season of Lent punctuated by Ash Wednesday, framed by the week of Passion, mourned by Good Friday and reborn by the good news of Easter Morning to continue to be, “People of the Way.”

In preparation for this most Holy time of year, we will once again have three Lenten Suppers followed by a program held each Wednesday night held together with the bookends of Ash Wednesday (Feb. 14th) and Palm Sunday Lovefeast (March 25th). The three programs, as have been the case for several years, promote the idea of physical and mental health with an overall emphasis on wellness, and will be offered Feb. 21st; March 7th; March 21st.

I am trusting God that this will be a unique and important time of learning and asking you to as well. So please join me as we seek to be faithful servants on the journey that never ends!

Serving Together,

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