“Call” for a New Pastor

First, I want to thank each and every one of you for the unbelievably fabulous sendoff for Chris and Charlotte on February 25. It was an amazing expression of love, honor, and respect for two people who gave so much of their lives to NBMC for almost 18 years.

As NBMC closes the chapter of its early, formative years, a new chapter opens with endless opportunity and possibilities. The Provincial Elders Conference (PEC) presented the Leadership Team the process which will help us locate a permanent pastor. Through the process of “calling” a new pastor, everyone at NBMC will have the opportunity to better understand our members, our culture, our missions, and our stewardship of God’s gifts. This understanding can help us to define our future and embrace it with enthusiasm and faith.

Meantime, it’s important that we honor the work that Charlotte and Chris have done by building on the “foundation of faith” that they have laid for us at NBMC. How can we do that? Continue doing your mission work. Continue volunteering. Continue joining us for Sunday worship. And, continue to pray for NBMC.

Your Leadership Team appreciates the work that each of you have done, and will continue to do for NBMC. And, if you want to volunteer for one or more of the opportunities to serve God and NBMC, don’t be bashful. Talk to us. We welcome your participation.

We look forward to discovering what God has in store for NBMC.

Serving together,
Your Leadership Team

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